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Export Pallets

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What Are Export Pallets Phoenix

If you are wondering what are “export pallets”  in the Phoenix area, AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., can help! Learn more about our Export Pallets, by calling AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., today at 602-278-1450.

 Export pallets are designed to transport your product at a lower cost, making them very favored for international and over sea shipments. They sometimes are referred to as plastic pallets, recycled plastic pallets, ship away pallets, or one way pallets.

Sizes of Export Pallets

Today’s pallet sizes still vary significantly between different countries, although a lot of progress has been made in conditions of standardization and reuse. The ISO has regulated pallet sizes in North America, Europe, and Australia. Each individual country has its own particular requirements for export pallet dimensions. Pallet sizes can range from 36”x36” to 48”x48”. The standard size in North America is 48”x40”.

Uses for Export Pallets

Export or plastic pallets have many uses besides just shipping. They have many uses in our everyday lives and we might not even notice them. Common markets using plastic pallets today may include:

  • Exporting Products
  • Beverage and Food Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Grocery Product Handling
  • Storing or Shipping Chemical Products
  • Shops or Stores Product Displays
  • Electronics Shipping
  • Transportation and Storing for Retail
  • Industrial Products Applications

Export or plastic pallets can be a one use, or you can use them multiple times. When shipping cross country or overseas, usually the sender doesn’t require that it gets sent back.

Advantages of Using Export Pallets

There are many advantages of using export or plastic pallets. Here is a couple of reasons why export/ plastic pallets are better than using wood pallets.

They Are Easier To Handle And More Safe

As stated above, plastic export pallets won’t have any splinters. They also don’t have nails or sharp edges. Merchandise has a higher chance of being damaged when shipping them on wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets will take care of all your shipping needs efficiency and safely. They are very adjustable and since they save space, you will save more money in the long run.

They Are Strong And Long Lasting

Another great benefit of a plastic pallet is its durability. Plastic doesn’t break. Wood will splinter, plastic won’t. Wood will. Plastic is designed so it is unlikely to be damaged even during transport.

They Take Up Less Space

It costs more money to ship items on wood pallets because they are so thick. Export pallets are nestable, meaning they can be stored in smaller spaces than wood. Because the wood pallets are so thick, they have height restrictions.

A Plastic Pallet Is Pliable

Not only is plastic strong, it’s also flexible. It has the benefit of adapting to different types and sizes of merchandise inside the same pallet. The downside to a wooden pallet, they can accommodate only one type. Typically plastic pallets are designed with dividers of assorted sizes, so it is easy to pack a mixture of goods.

They Are Lighter Than Wooden Pallets And Are Easier To Transport

When you need to transport products, there won’t be a lot of shipping and handling costs. Most export pallets are about 30% – 35% lighter than wood. If you’re ordering 300 pounds of merchandise, you will be paying as much as 30% less if they are shipped on export pallets.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Plastic is 100% recyclable. If a export pallet is used over and over it can wear out over time, but it can be recycled and used again. If a wooden pallet becomes distressed, it’s generally either burned or thrown into a landfill.

Plastic Pallets Are Hygienic

Wood attracts termites, which is not a good thing if you have a lot of products shipped. You also don’t want bacteria or mold to develop on your products.

Plastic export pallets easily cleaned. It just takes a little water to clean a plastic pallet. Wood pallets are difficult to clean because wet wood will encourage the growth of mold and appeals to termites.

Free Export Pallet Quotes In Phoenix, Arizona

If you need to purchase Export Pallets and would like more information, please call AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., for a free quote today at 602-278-1450AAA Pallet & Lumber Co. serves the Phoenix Metro and surrounding areas.

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