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What pallet sizes do you offer?
We carry all standard size pallets and can build custom pallets of any size and specification according to your needs. We have the equipment to adequately create the perfect pallet for any situation.

Do you pick up scrap pallets?
We pick up scrap pallets as long as the quality of them is high enough. We will pick up and re-purpose the scrap pallet materials.

What are the overseas shipping requirements for pallets?
Shipping overseas involves using pallets that have been heat treated in order to eliminate the presence of bugs as well as their eggs and larvae. The standards shift depending on where you are shipping to, but we can help you as we are always current on international shipping requirements.

What kind of wood are you pallets made of?
There are usually two kinds of pallets, those constructed with softer woods such as pine and those build from hardwood, such as oak, maple, hickory, or ash among others. The determining factors when it comes to which type of wood to use to construct a pallet are what kind of shipment is being made along with how it will be delivered.

What makes combo pallets, re-manufactured pallets and recycled pallets different?
Combo pallets are constructed from both new and used materials as opposed to a re-manufactured pallet which are comprised entirely of recycled material. A recycled pallet is a pallet that has been reconditioned and repaired.

How do you prevent mold from growing on your pallets?
We dip our materials in into a mold retardant solution in order to prevent mold. This is available for any type of pallet order.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, as well as any other major form of payment for your conveinence.

Do you repair pallets for clients?
Yes, we will service your existing pallets in order for you to benefit from their continued use. This is a money saving solution which will pay dividends for you business. We can design custom programs in order to fit any size of business needs on a regular basis.