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When Phoenix Valley businesses search for “new wooden pallets for sale”, AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., can help! When you are interested in our New Wooden Pallets For Sale, call AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., today at 602-278-1450.

New Custom Pallets, Skids & Crates

AAA Pallet & Lumber Company new pallets and skids are made with the finest softwood lumber from all over the western United States and Canada. Our pallets are assembled with 2 ¼” screw shanked diamond blunt nails in order to achieve maximum strength. Each of your shipments depend on the quality of the pallet to get to its destination and when you choose quality you send the message their business is important too. 

Custom pallets, skids and crates are custom made to order with short lead times; most ship within two business days. No order is too small or large at AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., – we are happy to assist with any business need. Put your best foot forward with the companies you are shipping your goods to. Use quality constructed new pallets so the products arrive at their destinations securely attached to your pallets and they have a fresh, clean look. 

Call us today at: 602-278-1450 to answer your questions on new wooden pallets, skids and wood crates. We provide computer generated drawings upon request so you can review and approve the pallet specifications before manufacturing gets underway. This means that the pallets will be the right size, and will support the specific loads your business might have.

New Pallet Manufacturer 

AAA Pallet Co. routinely manufactures new pallets for international shipments and complies with all foreign export freight and shipping requirements.

Since 2002, all wood pallets used for export must be heat treated and stamped with an IPPC stamp like the one shown at right. All lumber used for export in our Phoenix facility is heat treated and ready to be assembled at a moments notice. In addition, all export-ready pallets are sent out with our stamp on each side and a letter supplying you with the freight forwarding company information and all of the necessary documents that are available to be downloaded from the web. We heat treat and process our pallets on-site and they are always ready for use and can be delivered to your site, warehouse, or business quickly.

New Wooden Pallets For Sale in Phoenix and Throughout Arizona

If you are interested in learning more about our New Wooden Pallets, call AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., today at 602-278-1450 or use our contact form and send us a quick message. We Look Forward to Serving You In the Very Near Future… AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., serves the Phoenix metro area, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria and surrounding Arizona cities.

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If you are searching for the phrase “new wooden pallets”, AAA Pallet & Lumber Co., can help!