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Standard Pallet Sizes, Dimensions, Height and Weight


We get asked the above questions all the time by DIY’ers starting their own pallet projects. We have compiled a list of frequently asked pallet questions and combined them all into one post. Here you will find nearly everything you want to know about pallets. Let’s start with the definition of a pallet.

What Is a Pallet?

A pallet is typically made out of wood, but pallet manufacturers are making pallets out of all types of materials including metal, plastic, recycled materials or paper. Pallets are flat structures that are used for transport and shipping. Pallets allow for shipping containers and commercial goods to be shipped. Pallets give the good support and allow them to be lifted by forklifts, front loaders, pallet jacks and other lifting devices. Pallets make for efficient material handling and storage.

Normal Pallet Size

Wooden pallet sizes vary depending on location and usage but the most common pallets sizes are (36″ X 36″ / 914.4mm X 914.4mm), (42″ X 42″ / 1066.8mm X 1066.8mm), (48″ X 48″ / 1219.2mm X 1219.2mm) and (48″ X 40″ / 1219.2mm X 1016mm). The standard pallet size for the United States of America is 40″ X 48″. The reason there is not one pallet size that works for all is because there is such a variety of things pallets are used for. Depending on the use of the pallet, they usually will have to be small enough to pass through commercial business doorways, fit in containers for shipping and allow for low labor costs.

Standard Pallet Sizes & Dimensions Chart

Dimensions inches (W × L)

Dimensions mm (W × L)

Production Rank

Industries That Use Them

48 × 40

1219 × 1016


Groceries & Other Uses

42 x 42

1067 ×1067


Paint & Telecommunications

48 x 48

1219 × 1219



40 x 48

1016 × 1219


Military & Cement

48 x 42

1219 × 1067


Beverages & Chemicals

40 x 40

1016 × 1016



48 x 45

1219 × 1143



44 x 44

1118 × 1118


Chemicals & Drums

36 x 36

914 × 914



48 x 36

1219 × 914


Shingles, Beverage and Paper

35 x 45.5

889 × 1156


Military 1/2 ISO container, fits 36″ standard doors

48 x 20

1219 × 508


Retail Stores

Chart Pulled from

How Do I Know If A Pallet Is Safe To Use?

To find out if a pallet is safe to use or not, look at the markings and stamps on the side of the pallet. This will help you make sure that your not using pallets that are toxic  (treated with chemicals).

Standard Pallet Weight

Pallet weight typically depend on the size of the pallet and what the load bearing capacity of the pallet is. The average pallet weighs 30 lbs to 70 lbs depending on if soft or hard wood was used to manufacture the pallet. Also, the moisture content of the wood can add or subtract extra weight. A normal wooden pallet used in the U.S. is 48 inches X 40 inches X 6 inches. This pallet with have a load bearing capacity of 1 ton dynamic and 3 tons. A normal 48″X 40″ pallet weight approximately 33-48 lbs. Lightweight pallets can weight anywhere from three to fifteen pounds. Most standard pallets weight around 30 lbs.

Standard Pallet Height

The standard pallet height is 6 inches tall. 

How Much Weight Can A Pallet Hold?

48″X 40″ is the most standard pallet size in the U.S. and can hold up-to 4,600 lbs.

  • A 48″ X 40″ pallet can hold 4,600 lbs of weight
  • A 36″ X 36″ pallet can hold 4,700 lbs of weight
  • A 42″ X 42″ pallet can hold 3,700 lbs of weight
  • A 48″ X 48″ pallet can hold 3,700 lbs of weight

Different Types Of Pallets?

  • Two Way Entry Reversible Pallets
  • Two Way Entry Close Boarded, No Baseboard Pallets
  • Two Way Entry Wing Type Pallets
  • Four Way Entry Close Boarded, 3 Base Pallets
  • 1200 X 800 Euro Pallets
  • Four Way Entry Perimeter Base Pallets
  • Four Way Entry Wing Type Pallets
  • Four Way Entry Close Boarded, Perimeter Base Pallets
  • Four Way Entry Open Boarded, 3 Base Pallets

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