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Buy Used Wood Pallets & Recycled Pallets For Sale

AAA Pallet & Lumber Co. carries a wide range of used wood pallets and recycled wood pallets ready for immediate sale and delivery throughout the Phoenix valley. (We also sell new pallets as well as custom order wood pallets.)

Used Pallets – If you are looking to buy used wooden pallets, AAA is your place. We check all pallets that come in and identify those that can be easily repaired. After suitable pallets have been identified, we will then restore and recycle as much of the wood pallet, skid lumber, and hardware as possible to keep replacement costs down and reduce waste. If you are looking to order in bulk or if you are merely looking to buy a used wood pallet, we have you covered. If you need assistance buying or selling used wooden pallets near Phoenix – AAA Pallet Co is the company that can help! Call us Today at: 602-278-1450 or email for pricing and delivery information. Looking to sell pallets for money? Call us to find out how much you can sell pallets to us for. 

Here is a sample of the kind of used wood pallets commonly kept in our inventory at our Phoenix, Arizona location: The most common pallet size is the 48″ x 40″ 4w gma (Grocery Mfg. Assoc.) This type of pallet is used in all phases of manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing throughout the world.

Used Pallet Sizes & Categories

AAA Pallet Co can provide recycled or re-manufactured in a variety of custom sizes to meet every need. We can also re-manufacture pallets with quality recycled materials to custom specifications. Truckload amounts of the most common sizes and grades of pallets are available for immediate pickup or shipment. We have several different wood pallet categories for you to choose from – you must first determine the weight you will be putting on the pallet. If you are putting between 10-1200 lbs. you are safe to use a softwood pallet. If it exceeds that range, a hardwood pallet should be selected for shipment. It also depends on what your customer requires, and if they plan to use the same pallets repeatedly. These are the different types:

  • 48″ x 40″ 4w #1 hardwood – no plates
  • 48″ x 40″ 4w #1b hardwood with plates
  • 48″ x 40″ 4w #2 hardwood with up to two double stringers
  • 48″ x 40″ 4w #1p softwood – no doubles – less expensive than hardwood
  • 48″ x 40″ 4w softwood with up to two double stringers
  • 48″ x 40″ 4w expandable – least expensive – up to three double stringers

We have a working kiln on site in Phoenix, ready to heat-treat any used or repaired pallet needed for export.

We have these new and used wood pallet sizes commonly in stock ready for sale:

48″ x 48″

48″ X 36″

48″ X 32″

44″ X 44″

42″ X 42″

40″ X 40″

36″ X 36″

32″ X 32″

30″ X 30″

24″ X 24″ 

All used wood pallets are inspected and ready to go to work for you. We can also build wooden combo pallets to help save you money over the price of new pallets.

We offer valley-wide delivery on pallet orders of 50 or more. Delivery is free; used pallet orders below 50 will incur a small delivery fee.

Call 602-278-1450 today for your used pallet sales quote.
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