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Along with new and used pallets, AAA Pallet Co also offers complete pallet recycling programs to pick up, inspect, and rebuild or repair pallets for customers who deploy their own pallets. Our recycling programs include green disposal processes that are in line with corporate sustainability initiatives. With our systematic approach to load design, we can assess and create a pallet management program and make recommendations that will reduce the number of new pallets necessary and create potential for significant savings for the customer.

Maintaining sustainable initiatives is as important to us as saving money for our clients. Our recycling programs truly checks off both boxes and is something we are really proud of. AAA Pallet Co believes in quality in all areas including our products, customer service and ecological practices. The better we treat our people and our planet the better we will be as a company. We pick up used and unwanted pallets for our repair and reuse program. By recycling pallets less wood is needed to build pallets and lower overall cost is needed that making new pallets.  Contact us today about our recycled wood pallets.

AAA Pallet Co’s recovery and management services include:

  • Reconditioned pallets
  • Rebuilt pallets
  • Removal and disposal of any packing materials
  • In addition to recycling wood, AAA Pallet Co also recycles nails and other various industrial packaging materials
  • Spent pallets and materials that are beyond their usable life are turned into yard mulch, playground cover, boiler fuel, pellet fuel and animal bedding