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Export pallets are specifically designed for one-way air freight shipping being shipped out of the United States. Our most commonly used type of pallets for export are Euro Pallets. These pallets conform to most pallet shipping standards in Europe. This simplifies the transport of goods and avoids having to take the contents off non Euro pallets and re-stack goods onto the right size of pallets. Many of the transport trucks in Europe and other countries are more narrow and the pallets must also be more narrow to match to fit side by side. Having pallets that fit the shipping protocols for the various international ports that they may see can be the difference between a continuous and successful business relationship and a failed shipment that botches an entire business connection and all of its potential. Having an international reputation of being reliable and good for business can grow the potential of your business exponentially. Having shipments arrive safely and on time in a consistent fashion is key to becoming a major player or establishing longevity for your business. Set yourself up for ever increasing success by keeping yourself equipped to be able to adequately and efficiently fulfill orders at a moments notice with high quality international export pallets. You can save money on warehouse and shipping costs with export pallets because they are generally nest-able, which means yo will have even more resources at your disposal. Being nest-able means that a lot of euro pallets can actually be stored so the fit into each other, this reduces storage space and maximizes warehouse space. 

Use Export Pallets Just Once… Or Again and Again

When shipping with export pallets the shipper usually does not expect to get them back (one-way shipping).  Export pallets are typically durable enough to survive multiple trips, however and these pallets are often used again for shipments as reusable export pallets. This can be mutually beneficial to if it is a two-way shipping arrangement as you will both be regularly receiving high quality, reusable pallets. Couple that with the fact that we recycle and rebuild used pallets and you have the makings of a shipping operation with several built in layers of budgetary savings.

  • AAA pallets are heat-treated to comply with ISPM 15 regulations*
  • Reduce handling costs with ability to export on pallets matching the receiving country’s pallet specification
  • Minimize environmental impact and contribution to landfill by discarding one-way packaging

*The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has set standards for wood packaging material (WPM) imported into the U.S. through 7 CFR 319.40 – Importation of Wood Packaging Material. All regulated wood packaging material shall be appropriately treated and marked under the official program developed and overseen by the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) in the country of export. If importing goods into the United States from foreign countries, make sure that the supplier or exporter has properly treated and marked all wood packaging material prior to shipping. This will ensure your shipment is in compliance with APHIS regulations and prevent your shipments from being delayed at the border. For more information about APHIS’ WPM regulations, For information pertaining to heat treatment and marking requirements, visit the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) or call (301) 972-1700.