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What Do The Markings On Pallets Mean?

What Do The Markings On Pallets Mean? Pallets are a surprisingly good source of cheap timber for all kinds of DIY projects. But before you even start to think about looking for pallets for your DIY project, consider if the pallets you have found in that skip down the road is safe...

Standard Pallet Sizes, Dimensions, Height and Weight

What Is A Pallet? Normal Pallet Size Standard Pallet Sizes Standard Pallet Dimensions Chart Standard Pallet Size In Inches Standard Pallet Weight Standard Pallet Height How Much Weight Can A Pallet Hold? Different Types of Pallets Pallet Uses What Types Of Pallets Are Safe To...

Skids Vs. Pallets

Are you searching for the difference between skids vs pallets? This post should help you determine which type you need for your application. A lot of companies store their products on pallets in the warehouse. A skid differs from a pallet in that it is generally higher and does...